Wrongful termination: Know if you suffered!

Getting a job is not easy, so why is losing a job without guilt justifiable? If you are a talented, hardworking person who abides by the organization’s rules, why were you expelled? If you feel that it was an injustice and also the organization fails to provide the reason, you may file a case. The state law holds strict policies against wrongful termination. According to employment laws, laborers cannot be fired depending on race, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, and disability.  Throughout the US, there are separate laws in different states, where California’s wrongful termination law is the most protective. No employer can conduct or minimize recruitment with a discriminating attitude. If you hire a concerning attorney, you are better able to protect your basic job laws and also rights regarding wrongful termination. This blog details the scenarios subjected to wrongful termination.

Know if your termination is wrongful

What are the different forms of wrongful termination that you should consider while filing the case? It may be an unfair dismissal based on gender or terminating workers on reporting sexual abuse. Following are other conditions that may be subjected to wrongful termination.

  1. False dismissal among employees against the same mistake.

There should be strict company policies on acts eligible for the dismissal of employees. For example, for the same offense, you fire one of your employees while the other employee is forgiven and receives a warning only. This discrimination is not justified and is subjected to wrongful termination.

  1. If an employee is fired for not fulfilling the job requirements besides there is evidence that the employee is productive.

It is a complex scenario as the employee can only justify it by showing evidence of the performance report. There should be legit production numbers to support the case.

  1. If an employment contract is terminated based on age discrimination.

If the employer fired the employee based on age discrimination, racism, or religious discrimination, then it is subjected to wrongful discrimination. It may pose risk to the diversity of a company as they ignore an inclusive approach while hiring.

  1. If the employer fires an employee on requesting ergonomic modification followed by a disability.

It is the right of an employee to ask for changes in the working environment around the disability. Employers who refuse to adjust their workspace may discriminate against disabled employees.

Seek Attorney Help

If you have faced any of the problems described in the blog post, you should search for an attorney. With the help of lawyers, you can protect your employment laws.


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