Tax Consultant in Switzerland

Suter Treuhand Tax Consultant

If you are a business owner in Switzerland, you may be wondering which tax consultant you should choose. Suter Treuhand Tax Consultant is a company with more than 100 employees that specializes in tax and financial planning. Its staff includes Dr. Franz Mattig, Marc Niderost, and Reto Sutter.

Reto Sutter

Reto Sutter is a Swiss tax consultant with extensive experience in the field of tax law and corporate and commercial law. He advises on matters relating to transfer pricing, customs, VAT and self-denunciations. He also handles tax litigation matters. He has extensive experience in advising international and national corporations on a variety of legal matters. His work background includes positions with the penal courts, Ernst & Young AG and various international law firms in Zurich. He has also served as an extraordinary assistant judge of the district court of Zurich from 2006 to 2012.

The firm’s tax practice is well-established and deals with a wide variety of clientele, including large companies, international businesses, and high-net-worth individuals. Its team is also able to provide assistance in corporate restructurings and real estate transactions. The firm’s team includes attorneys who focus on tax litigation and social security matters.

Marc Niderost

Marc Niderost, Suter Treu hand Tax Consultant is an accounting, taxation and advisory firm based in Switzerland. This firm has been around since 1960 and currently has 130 employees in Switzerland. It also has offices in Bulgaria and Romania. It offers services in financial services and accounting as well as taxation and legal matters.

Dr. Franz Mattig

The business is owned by Dr. Franz Mattig, who is a certified tax expert and accredited audit expert. His firm, Mattig-Suter and Partner, grew from 25 employees to over 130, and is now run by his daughter Claudia. He passed on the management responsibilities of the company in 2011 to his daughter. He has extensive experience in strategic projects and is a member of several boards of directors.

Dr. Reto Sutter

Suter Treuhand Tax Consultant is a full-service law firm based in Zurich, Switzerland. Its experts provide tax, corporate and commercial advice. Its team of specialists includes international tax and customs experts. They also have extensive experience in tax litigation. Their clients include multinational companies, family offices, banks and other financial institutions. The firm’s leaders include Reto Heuberger, Dieter Grunblatt, Stefan Oesterhelt and Claudia Suter.

The firm has a strong international tax practice with a strong focus on international tax planning. In addition, it handles corporate restructuring, litigation, and real estate transactions. Many clients come to them for its tax consulting services. The team’s members include Hubertus Ludwig, who is a board member for several companies. Thomas Ziegler is a key contact for family offices. In addition, Beatrice Van der Haegen handles tax matters for individual clients.

Dr. Marc Niderost

Suter Treuhand Tax Consultant is a Swiss-German company. Its headquarters are in Lachen. Other companies are Hitz und Partner AG, Holzegg AG, and Swisscom (Schweiz) AG. The other offices are located in Zurich and Munich.

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