Oklahoma City Zip Codes

Everything You Need to Know About Oklahoma City Zip Codes

If you have ever wanted to move to a new city but don’t know what to do, there are many reasons to know the Oklahoma city zip codes. If you live in Oklahoma City, you may have heard of the infamous 1995 bombing, but you’re not sure how to find it. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Oklahoma City zip codes and where to find them. Once you know the zip code, you’ll be able to make the proper choice for relocation.

In ZIP code 73109, the majority of households rent, with homes primarily from the 1950s and 1940s. This area is considered to be poor, as the median home value is $65,500. Compared to other ZIP codes, the median home value is a bit lower, but still below average. Rents in this area for a one-bedroom apartment are $500-$749 a month, including utilities. This includes apartments, townhouses, and primary residences.

Two Oklahoma City ZIP codes have wildly different life expectancies. In 73131, life expectancy is 82 years, while in 73141, residents only reach 68. Both ZIP codes are low-income, with low educational attainment and high rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. These differences are striking, and should be a cause for concern. The Oklahoma City-County Health Department recently released a wellness report detailing the health outcomes of residents of different ZIP codes.


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