New York City Zip Code

New York City Zip Code

The New York City zip code is the code used to identify specific parts of the city. Manhattan is the largest and most populous borough in New York City. Manhattan is also one of the world’s major financial, cultural, and commercial centers. It is home to iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, sprawling Central Park, and the neon-lit Times Square. Learn about your zip code below. And don’t forget to keep it safe!

When navigating a city, it’s important to know your zip code. New York is divided into 178 zip codes. Of these, 43 are located in Manhattan, 12 in Staten Island, and 25 in the Bronx. Queens and Brooklyn are each comprised of six counties. To help you identify your neighborhood, check out the New York City zip code database. You can even purchase your own customized map. To make your own map, choose a scale and finish that best suits your needs.

After you have decided on a location in New York City, you’ll need to learn the various neighborhoods. You can find out the zip code of a particular borough by using the city’s zip code map. New York residents often have multiple addresses, which makes it difficult to find the correct address. Luckily, this map can help you determine which borough is closest to your location. It also allows you to search for other zip codes that are within a certain area.


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