Kris Aquino Latest News

Kris Aquino’s COVID-19 Latest News

Kris Aquino is making headlines again with her autoimmune disease. She has been suffering from this since the last quarter of 2018. Aquino, who weighs just 40 kilograms, explained that her veins are too weak to insert an IV line. It takes eight attempts to get an IV line in her body. In addition, Aquino has separated from her fiance Mel Senen Sarmiento after three years of dating. They were engaged in October 2021 but have since lived in a protective bubble to protect her health.


In the latest COVID-19 latest news, Kris Aquino confirmed her sons Josh and Bimby have been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease. She also wrote an open letter to the late brother Noynoy Aquino III. In it, she apologized to Noynoy for the late greeting on his birthday. Kris Aquino’s COVID-19 latest news was also revealed through the video of herself undergoing various tests. The mother of three has three confirmed autoimmune diseases and the disease has made her extremely depressed.

In addition to getting treatment for COVID-19, Kris Aquino has been posting health updates on her Instagram. She is currently seeking treatment in the US and has posted pictures and recordings of her treatments. In another update, Kris wrote an open letter to her late brother, who also suffered from COVID-19. COVID-19 is a form of immunosuppression and affects people who are immunosuppressed.

COVID-19 free kris aquino to undergo Rituxan treatment

Earlier this month, Kris Aquino shared a 6-minute video of herself undergoing a chemo treatment for her COVID-19, a type of autoimmune disease. In it, she also addressed an open letter to her late brother Noynoy Aquino III, apologizing for her tardiness in greeting his birthday, which he was supposed to celebrate today. In the letter, she said that her sons had tested positive for the disease, which had also affected her brother Noynoy. She also apologised to Noynoy, who had just celebrated his first birthday in heaven. She said that she and Josh were both “infected” by COVID-19, and that she would now undergo the Rituxan treatment, which is a chemo for

After the treatment, Aquino will have more shots of the medicine, which will help her build a stronger immune system. She also plans to get an immunosuppressant, which can act as chemotherapy in some autoimmune conditions. Kris Aquino will undergo Rituxan treatment in the coming months. But she will not be cured immediately, and her condition will likely worsen.

Chronic spontaneous urticaria

Angel Locsin has visited Kris Aquino in the hospital for treatment. Kris has been undergoing a series of medical tests and procedures for her chronic spontaneous urticaria, which causes hives. The disease may be a symptom of other conditions, such as allergic reactions. Locsin and Kris recently participated in a rally for Leni-Kiko. The former teen idol also opened up about her ex-boyfriend.

According to her doctors, Kris Aquino’s disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes her to develop severe allergic reactions. This can last anywhere from minutes to months, or even years. Symptoms can be mild or severe, and may be triggered by allergens, such as a certain food. Aquino also revealed that she is being closely monitored for other health issues, including diabetes and vasculitis.


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