Jim Robertson Finance Recruiters in the Bay Area

In the Bay Area, JS Robertson and his finance team are bringing new ideas to the financial
services industry. These companies are transforming the way people finance their investments.
They have a strong focus on team building and customer service. By using a customer-centric
approach, these companies are making the financial services industry more affordable for
everyone. This is done by leveraging their network and expertise. Here, JS Robertson and his
finance team are making their dream of being the largest financial advisors in the world a
JS Robertson
JS Robertson has been a leader in the recruitment of finance professionals in the Bay Area for
over 20 years. The company’s founder and senior recruiter, Jim Robertson, has extensive
experience in building corporate organizations throughout the world. JS Robertson’s expertise
and network of HR professionals help it represent the needs of many tech companies in a
highly competitive market. JS Robertson is proud to have the expertise of the most successful
companies in the Bay Area.
Mr. Robertson is the co-founder of investment firm Robertson Stephens, which helped build
the financial infrastructure behind the fast-growing technology sector. The firm was later
acquired by Bank of America. He also co-founded Francisco Partners, a $10 billion private
equity firm. In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Robertson helped convince the
University of Michigan to invest in venture capital. He subsequently helped the university
obtain admission to some of the best venture capital funds.
Greg Goodere
As a human resources executive with over twenty years of experience, Greg Goodere has a
unique skill set and a deep understanding of the corporate technology world. He has served as
Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources at Conner Peripherals, a $2.5 billion software
and storage solutions company. Prior to joining Jim Robertson Finance, Greg held various
positions with Dataquest, including Sr. Vice President of Human Resources and Operations.
His background includes start-up experience as a founder and manager of a disk drive
company. He has extensive management experience, having served on the boards of the
Santa Clara Chapter of the American Red Cross.
Previously, he was Director of Worldwide Staffing for KLA Instruments Corporation, where he

developed global recruiting programs to meet the company’s explosive growth. During a two-
year period, the company’s employee base grew by nearly two thousand people worldwide. In

this role, he focused on meeting the projected business needs of each country. JS Robertson
also had extensive experience in executive recruiting and organization design.
Felisa robertson
The firm of Robertson, Andreoli, and Covington, PC, has two partners, Felisa Robertson and
Shelby Carroll. Shelby is an Auburn University graduate and lives in Uriah with her husband
and two dogs. Felisa graduated from Auburn University in 1991 and has been with the firm
since 2004. Sonie has lived in Bay Minette, Alabama, for over 20 years. She enjoys reading,
watching sports, and spending time with her husband and two dogs.
Felisa and Jim have extensive experience in commercial litigation. They have handled
numerous price-fixing class actions, resulting in more than $2 billion in aggregate recoveries.
Jim Dawson also represents insurers in COVID-19 class actions, and he has collaborated with
national insurance industry groups on amicus briefs. His expertise has been recognized as an
excellent writer and speaker. He has won the Burton Award, which is given to the nation’s best
legal writers.
Sonie robertson

Sonie Robertson has been practicing law in the Bay Area since 1991. She is a graduate of
Harvard Law School. Before moving to San Francisco, she worked for seven years as a
corporate finance executive at VeriSign, which provides mission critical Internet and
telecommunications services. During her tenure, she oversaw global FP&A, performance
management, and accounting functions. Earlier, she worked for companies in the
telecommunications, aerospace industry, and medical device industries. She is also an avid
reader of classical music and is a member of the American Bar Association.
Jim Robertson
If you’re looking for a qualified attorney in the Bay Area, Jim Robertson is the right choice.
Jim’s diverse background includes experience in corporate governance, accounting, tax

preparation, and in-house law. His clients have included technology companies, banks, non-
profits, and medical practices. Jim Robertson is a member of the Board of Directors of First

Bank, a past chairman of the Board of Directors of the North Baldwin Utilities District, and a
former president of the Holly Hills Country Club. He also has extensive experience in estate
planning, business sales and mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance.
Jim Robertson has more than 30 years of human resources management experience, including
the last 20 with technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. While he has a broad
scope of knowledge, his specialty is recruitment and team building. He is well-versed in the
intricacies of human resources, including benefits administration, compensation, benefits, and

compensation. He has also spent significant time in the start-up world, working as a co-
founder of a disk drive company.

Before starting his own firm, Mr. Robertson worked for several large companies and helped to
build and enhance their finance and strategic planning teams. He served on the planning
committee of the Association of Finance Professionals’ 2012 annual conference and taught
entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland College Park for two years. He’s a Certified
Treasury Professional (CTP) since 2004. He holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania
and an MSc in Business and Management Research from the University of Reading. He
completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Los Angeles.
After graduation from Stanford University, Robertson served as a member of the U.S. Navy for
three years. He later went on to earn a law degree from Yale Law School, where he graduated
near the top of his class. Although he failed the bar exam in New York, he converted to
Christianity and attended the Biblical Seminary, where he obtained his Master of Divinity. As a
member of the American Law Institute, Robertson enjoys classical music, traveling, and
reading books.


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