‘It’s very possible’: Jake Paul claims Tyson Fury caused Tommy Fury’s injury

Tyron Woodley has stepped in to fight Paul in Fury’s place
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Jake Paul has claimed Tyson Fury could have caused the rib injury which forced his half-brother Tommy Fury to pull out of his next fight.
YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul was due to fight Tommy Fury in a highly anticipated fight on 18 December. But the former reality TV star Fury pulled out of the fight due to a rib injury and a chest infection.
The Fury’s father, John, claimed the injury was caused by a “17-stone idiot” who punched his son in the stomach during his training camp. However, Paul believes heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury may have done the damage by slamming a medicine ball into Tommy’s body.
I have seen the footage and who knows it is very possible,” Paul told the MMA Hour when asked about whether the training could have caused Fury’s injury.
“It is very possible that could break a rib for sure, when I do that drill we take precautions and are careful because you hear stories of fighters getting injured while trying to work on their abs.”
Tyron Woodley has stepped in to fight Paul in Fury’s place. Woodley has said he could complete a trilogy with Paul if he beats the YouTube star in their boxing match next weekend.
Paul, 24, defeated the former UFC champion via split decision in August, and the pair will rematch on 18 December as Woodley steps in for the injured Tommy Fury.
Should Woodley overcome Paul this time, a third meeting between the Americans is on the cards, according to the 39-year-old.
“Yes, there is a rematch clause in there,” Woodley told TMZ. “After I knock you out, Mr Betting Man, are you gonna run? Are you gonna wanna try to fight someone else, or are you gonna come get this work?
“I bet I beat his a**. I bet if he gets up, I bet I do it again; I bet if he gets up, I bet I knock his a** down again. First thing’s first: Woodley has to win. Then, do it all again.”
Paul is 4-0 as a professional boxer, with his points win against Woodley following knockout victories over fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib, ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, and former MMA champion Ben Askren – a close friend of Woodley.
Woodley’s defeat by Paul marked his boxing debut, with the former UFC welterweight champion having gone 0-4 in his last four mixed martial arts bouts.
The 39-year-old has not expressed a desire to retire from MMA, though his next fight in the sport is yet to be announced.


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