How To Wash Hey Dudes

How to Wash Hey Dudes

Hey Dudes are easily washable with a mild dish detergent. Make sure to wash them on a gentle setting and use a small amount. Use cold water to avoid shrinking. If possible, wash them on a slow cycle to reduce wrinkles. Once they are clean, you can dry them with a dryer sheet.

Hand washing hey dudes

Hey Dudes can be washed using a mild liquid detergent. Ensure that you rinse your sneakers thoroughly and use a shaded area to dry them. Using a dishwasher can damage your sneakers and you should wash them by hand instead. Using a cleaning agent made for delicate materials is also an option.

Hey Dude shoes are made from durable canvas and cotton blend fabric, making them easy to clean. They are also breathable, making them ideal for humid climates. To clean them properly, remove the insoles and soak in warm water for about 15 minutes before drying. If possible, avoid using abrasives or detergents that leave a residue.

If you want to use a liquid detergent, you should mix it with water. The solution should not contain bleach, as it can cause the color to fade. After soaking, dry your shoes by placing them on a pillowcase or wash bag. If you don’t want to use a detergent, you can use baking soda instead. Store the cleaning solution in a plastic bag or sachet.

Using baking soda to deodorize hey dudes

Hey Dude sneakers can be smelly, and a simple way to eliminate the smell is to add baking soda to them. You can place the baking soda in a sachet or plastic bag and place the sachet inside the shoes overnight. In the morning, you can remove the sachet and discard it. Another solution to the odor problem is to add white vinegar. But be sure not to use apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar, because they can change the color of the shoes. You can also use newspapers to remove moisture from the shoes, which will prevent the shoes from becoming smelly.

Another easy way to eliminate shoe odors is by cleaning your Hey Dudes. These shoes are typically made of canvas, a durable cotton blend material, and are machine washable. However, you may find that some types of shoes may not be washable, such as those made of high heels or platform shoes.

Using dryer sheets to dry hey dudes

If you’re looking for a cheap way to dry your Hey Dudes, you may want to try using dryer sheets. Although they won’t dry your shoes as fast as other methods, they will remove most of the moisture and smell. You can also put a dryer sheet inside a pair of Hey Dudes to freshen them up. Another simple way to dry your Hey Dudes is to stuff them with old newspapers. This method will help keep them in shape and prevent them from falling apart and getting dirty.

When drying Hey Dudes, don’t use bleach. The bleach can fade the white color and damage the material. You should only use bleach if you absolutely need to. Otherwise, it will turn the shoes into a dirty white color. Also, do not place Hey Dudes in the dishwasher.


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