First and True Next Earth Blockchain

If you are interested in the First and true Next Earth blockchain, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, the token is an ERC-20 wrapped version of the NXTT cryptocurrency, which will be used to power the Next Earth ecosystem. The NXTT will be used to purchase virtual land, stake it for profit, and nearly every transaction in the Next Earth ecosystem. Secondly, Next Earth is disinflationary, and the project is based on value-centric tokenomics and fair distribution.

In addition, Next Earth will allow its users to operate businesses and earn income from activities on the platform. This will also allow them to participate in the DAO that will govern the metaverse, and have a say in its development. However, it should be noted that Next Earth is not a copy of Second Life, as this virtual world is largely free of any form of advertising. There are other benefits, such as a thriving community, but Next Earth is definitely unique.

Since it was launched, Next Earth has already sold 395,000 NFTs and earned over $89k in commissions. Moreover, Manhattan was the first virtual nation to sell out. Its most expensive virtual land sale to date, the MET New York, sold for $32k, a mere fraction of what it was worth new. The MET and other popular real-world landmarks are trading hotcakes on the Next Earth blockchain.


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