Choosing a Buyers Agent in Melbourne

Melissa Opie, an inner city buyer’s agent, has been in the business since 2005 and has been involved in over $1 billion of real estate transactions. Melissa is currently in the running for the REB Awards for best Buyers Agent in Australia in 2022. In addition to this, she has been elected to serve on the committee of the REIV Buyers Agents Chapter and as a members council delegate for 2022.

Cate Bakos Property

Cate Bakos is an independent Buyers Agent in Melbourne who specializes in investment properties. She has experience with the Melbourne property market and understands the importance of negotiation. Her team focuses on her client’s needs and wants, and can help them find homes before they even hit the market. She also has experience in asset selection.

Melissa Opie

If you are in the market for a new property in Melbourne, you should consider hiring a buyer’s advocate, such as Melissa Opie, who owns a real estate agency in Flemington. Opie has been in the real estate industry for more than ten years and has helped many people purchase their dream homes. She is also qualified to bid on auctions and negotiate the purchase price on your behalf. Her services are useful for both primary residences and investment properties.

Cate Bakos

Cate Bakos is a Melbourne property buyer’s agent and President of the REBAA. She has a wealth of knowledge in this area and is the author of the popular book Successful Property Investment, which includes 48 real-life adventures and actionable tips. She also owns Cate Bakos Property, a boutique Melbourne Buyers Agency firm with a reputation for expert asset selection.

Exclusive buyer’s agents

Exclusive buyer’s agents for property buyers in the Melbourne area specialize in a wide range of real estate services. Their services are tailored to a specific buyer’s needs, from first home buyers to downsizers and investors. Some agents are available throughout metro Melbourne, while others are based only in specific suburbs.

Section 32 Statement

When buying real estate, the vendor has a legal obligation to provide a Section 32 statement to the purchaser. This statement explains any restrictions or other risks that could affect the purchase price. It can prevent heartache for buyers who may not want a panel shop or petrol station located next door, a part of the property not on the title, or pets living in the apartment.

Off-market properties

Off-market properties offer a unique opportunity to walk through a home without countless other buyers. A buyer’s agent will use their connections and negotiating skills to secure off-market properties for you, keeping the competition between brokers and sellers to a minimum. This allows you to make an offer before anyone else. While off-market properties can be harder to find, they are well worth the effort.

Buying with a buyer’s advocate

Using a buyer’s advocate can help you find the perfect property in Melbourne and avoid costly mistakes. A buyer’s advocate will provide expert advice on buying and selling property, helping you find the right property at the right price. They have a number of packages to suit different client needs, and they are available throughout Melbourne.


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