Board Game Geek

Board Game Geek

BoardGameGeek is a forum for board gaming enthusiasts. It features a large game database with reviews, images, and videos of more than 125,600 tabletop games. The database features everything from European-style board games to wargames and card games. If you’re looking to buy a new tabletop game, this is the site for you. The community includes board game enthusiasts from all over the world. The community is a great place to get started, as well as find out about upcoming games.

Gloomhaven has been a top seller on Board Game Geek for many years. Although some games have come close, many gamers believe that Gloomhaven deserved its top spot. This game was the first to introduce a new concept to the hobby, and it has sold out almost everywhere. However, it isn’t cheap, and requires a significant investment in time and money. If you’re considering buying this game, make sure to compare the cost and the level of involvement.

One of the most popular boardgame websites, BoardGameGeek is similar to Wikipedia for board games. It features articles, images, play-aids, translations, and online discussion forums. It’s also home to the site’s Geek Market, which offers nearly 100 game trades a day. Another great feature of Board Game Geek is its extensive database of board games. The site even offers daily exchanges and purchases. The board game community is very active on this site, and you can even trade and sell your games for some cash on the site.


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