3 promising FinTech companies in Florida

There is so much evolution taking place around the world almost in every sector, this evolution has not left the financial sector behind its moving along with it, and that is why we are seeing several financial technology companies coming up, evolving day by day we, therefore, call this financial evolution. There have been fundamental developments that have led to the reviving of the financial space in Florida. This has led to the growth of FinTechs in Florida.
FinTech is a term when two words, “finance” and “technology,” are merged. FinTech applies to any business that uses technological tools or equipment to enhance its financial services or processes. The current rise of RegTech, AI, the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain, etc., is revamping the FinTech ecosystem. Financial Institutions like banks are also opting for AI-powered services to better their customer services. But financial institutions like banks aren’t the only sector that has made tech-driven changes. Entire markets — from digital loans and mobile stock services to e-commerce payment platforms and digital currency exchanges — are rooted in digital financial access.
Currently, the FinTech industry is thriving and is every day watched by everyone, specifically investors. Here are 3 promising FinTech companies in Florida:
NYMBUS: A revolutionary alternative to the legacy business model, NYMBUS has disrupted the financial services market by enabling risk-free solutions for digital innovation and growth. With NYMBUS, any size financial institution can launch a full-service digital bank in under 45 days, convert an existing bank or credit union to their technology and services ecosystem, and innovate with new financial solutions to a massive scale at a safe, deliberate pace. Whichever growth strategy is right for you, NYMBUS buys back decades of lost time and guarantees zero risk to engage and support the entire digital customer journey.
Technisys: Technisys is the innovative digital banking technology company helping established banks transform to digital; challenger, neo banks, and FinTech companies jump-start. They are one of the leading global providers of next-generation digital banking platforms. Technisys differentiates with Cyber bank, their Digital Engagement accelerator and Next-Gen Core banking platform. Designed to help you differentiate by adapting to changing consumer behaviours and helping you become an integral part of your customers’ lives. Cloud-Native, API-centric and microservices-based, a one of a kind digital banking backbone.
YellowPepper: As a member of the Visa family, YellowPepper’s proven platform enables issuers to easily launch card and account agnostic real-time payments solutions while providing value-added services such as tokenization, identity validation and risk tools to deliver a complete transaction and service offering. Their focus is to build the Next Generation Payment Ecosystem to help financial institutions, retailers, merchants, governments, and their customers transact digitally, with security, anytime and anywhere. YellowPepper offers its solutions globally and has been in the market for over 15 years. Operating in 9 Latin American countries, the Miami-based company serves 50 clients and 5 million monthly active users. 


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